Thursday, December 11, 2008

I just received the following in an email from Taco Bell Drawing Club Gold Card Member Nicholas Vandermolen. The date of the meeting is also the birthday of another gold card member of the club!!


Rumors have been circulating and yes, they are true....TACO BELL DRAWING CLUB is coming to Chicago.

This is no one time thing, but a weekly gathering of any and all minds to sit, draw and/or eat taco bell.

Is the Real World getting you down?
Then go to Taco Bell Drawing Club.

Are you sick of feeling all alone?
Then go to Taco Bell Drawing Club.

Do you want bigger muscles?
Then go to Taco Bell Drawing Club.

This is your chance to join the tens of members already in "the know,"
and become a member of Famous New York Artist Jason Polan's own: TACO BELL DRAWING CLUB.
All you have to do to join is come to Taco Bell...and draw!

First Meeting:

When: Sunday Dec, 14th, 2008
Time: 2pm - 5pm
1111 W Addison St
Chicago, IL 60613

You can show up anytime, and leave whenever you want. Markers, paper, pens, and colored pencils will be provided. Anyone and everyone is invited.

This time and place are tentative further meeting, if this time doesn't work we can discuss a better time later.

Sadly this will be the last meeting of the year. Because of the holidays, we will reconvene Taco Bell Drawing Club sometime in i guess maybe this is a one time thing for the year 2008. Get ready to TBDC in 2009.

-Chicago Chapter leader of TBCD,
Nick Vandermolen

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