Monday, February 18, 2008

Taco Bell does not serve canned peaches, YET.

The New York chapter of Taco Bell Drawing Club will be meeting at the usual time and place: 4-5:30p at 14th Street just West of Union Square in Manhattan. The meeting will be on Wednesday, February 20, 2008.

An announcement:

We are always collecting work for future volumes of Taco Bell Drawing Club. The third installment of the book will be released in mid-March. If you would like your Taco Bell Drawn work to be "considered" for this volume please send it to me by March 1. This is an address:

Jason D. Polan
P.O. Box 15
Prince Street Station
New York, NY 10012

Please be sure to pack well and write DO NOT BEND 14 times on the envelope. The people who fold and then smoosh things into the box are ruthless and have no respect for the integrity of your hand made beautiful terrific masterpieces.

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