Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There is a new chapter of Taco Bell Drawing Club in Chattanooga. I think that is in Tennessee!

The guy in the back right of the picture was sitting at the booth by himself when the members of Taco Bell Drawing Club came and started drawing all around him. They thought that he looked like a perfect candidate for the club. As they all enjoyed their seven layer burritos and crunchwrap supremes and then got into their drawings he just sat there with his arms crossed. After this picture was taken one of the members offered him a piece of paper and some markers. He was reluctant at first but then accepted the supplies. He started drawing and continued, without looking up, for the following three and a half hours. He made the second best piece of art drawn at any meeting of Taco Bell Drawing Club ever (Katie drew a very good Alan Greenspan a couple of weeks ago here). When he was done with his drawing he lifted it up, the four other members (three in the picture plus the one who took it) all gasped, then the man took out a lighter and lit the drawing on fire. It burned then disappeared. The man said "Thank you." and slowly walked out the door.

I am not sure if this really happened.

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