Monday, March 3, 2008


After purchasing my chicken grilled stuffed burrito minus the baja and fiesta sauce I turned to the little packets of border sauce and was jolted/surprised/flummoxed (I cannot think of the right word here so combine the three of these and multiply intensity by five) to see purple sauce packets. The HOT ones were the ones that were purple. The other two kinds were the same (yellow and red, respectively). I noticed that the message on all of the Hot ones was the same: Obviously I ran home to check this out. It turns out, if you haven't already looked yourself, that this is a site where you "direct" a photo shoot with a swimsuit model. yawn, boring. There was one good part though where you got to choose what she does, obviously the right answer is "rock out on bongos".

In more exciting news, Taco Bell Drawing Club, the New York Chapter, will be holding our regular hours this Wednesday, March 5 at the usual, just west of Union Square on 14th Street, Taco Bell from 4-5:30pm.

Also, I will be holding special meetings of Taco Bell Drawing Club in Michigan the following week. I will not be at the usual Wednesday meeting on March 12th on 14th Street. That does not mean it is not happening. If you would like to go and draw please do so, and have fun. Let me know if anyone is going to meetings and needs a membership card. I will mail it out.

In most important news, Taco Bell Drawing Club Super-Hero Level member Nicholas A. Vandermolen was recently featured here. The only complaint I have is, that article is not long enough. I wanted more.

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