Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taco Bell Drawing Club Volume Three has been completed and is now available. This is the best Taco Bell Drawing Club Volume yet.

The new Volume will be available in person at this week's Manhattan meeting. If you live in other places please let me know your address (send email to art@jasonpolan.com). I will not be able to get to Taco Bell until about 5p. Of course, go and draw whenever you would like, but I will be there with the new books from about 5-6:30p Wednesday 14th Street West of Union Square Taco Bell.

There has been a limited "8.3% color" edition produced to commemerate the third issue, and to showcase the beautiful work of Nicholas Vandermolen (also the cover artist). If you would like to purchase one of these, good luck (ebay?) they are limited to 6.

That ebay line was a joke. The 8.3%'s are $100? This money will go right back into the club (literally? Tacos or other things: art supplies, mail, field trips, etc). The regular supreme full black and white edtions are free to members and also, $100 to non-members.

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